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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the beltway where they are trying to repair damage. one of the lanes, the furthest left lane actually collapsed from all the water. coming down. some of the video we shot earlier, you can actually see the water on the highway. the watermain break is a 12-inch main that runs under 695. in this area between catonsville and arbutus. they say as the temperatures change sometimes these mains break. it just so happens this time it happened along one of the busiest highways in the area. right now what is going on, they are trying to fix the actual watermain an when they can do that then they can get to the highway, so it will be a long process that could last throughout the evening. >> our part should be done and then the road crews come in and do the repairs, whether the roads going to be back to normal tomorrow morning, i doubt that but at least our part should be completed. >> reporter: once the dpw's
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part is completed they are still going to need to do road repairs if you're planning on coming this way tonight find another route. there are lots of detours. again, don't try to use 695 south on the outer loop on the west side of baltimore city. it's just too much traffic out here right now. the backup beyond this, you can see the traffic moving but to get to this spot, it takes quite a while. we should also mention there are several homes in the area without water including one church and school. they are working to repair the watermain. that should take care of those problems but again it's not clear how long it's going to take, whether or not this will be done in time for the morning commute is another question. we're going to keep an eye on the progress tonight and see how that goes throughout the evening. live in arbutus, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> thank you. thinks 695 at liberty road. not too far away. the spillover from the three lanes closed. people looking for alternate routes to get home. if you're waiting for somebody coming from this direction keep your patience, they might be a little while. we're going to bring you a
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live update as soon as new information becomes available. when we're not on the air you can get constant updates on you can also sign up to get breaking news e-mail alerts right to your desktop or to your phone. in other news -- maryland governor martin o'malley unveils his plan to make up a $2 million budget shortfall. the spending plan relies heavily on shifting money out of capital projects that would have to be bonded for years to come. abc2 news jeff hager has more on that plan. >> reporter: the governor sharpened his budget ax and cut away at a $2 billion shortfall already saddling the state for the coming year. >> for the first time in the last 40 years, and that's as far back as our records go, we believe it's for the first time this side of the great depression, spending today in general fund is less than it was four years ago. >> reporter: about half the money needed to make up the shortfall is being transferred
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from projects that will require additional bonds, with interest in years to come. >> having $13 million does represent transfers. as that chart indicates though we are relying upon some money from the federal government. relying upon -- assuming we're going to get an additional $389 million in medicaid stimulus money. >> reporter: republicans like delegate anthony o'donnell are critical of borrowing against tomorrow. >> fund transfers that are not ongoing cuts, shifting operating budget into the capital budget and taking federal stimulus dollars are all a bad prescription that may serve to get the administration past the november election but will be destructive to maryland's longterm fiscal health. >> i encourage them if they have better alternatives, that allow us to protect the people of our state, that allow us to protect our core mission and move forward, i look forward to seeing what their alternatives are.
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>> reporter: the governor's proposed budget the state would eliminate 202 jobs but the overwhelming majority of them are currently unfilled. less than four dozen state workers would actually lose their jobs and the governor has pledged to try to shift them into other positions. at the state house, jeff hager, abc2 news. new revenue estimates are due out in march when the general assembly would still have time to make additional cuts if necessary. the estimated number of dead in haiti continues to climb. officials say 200,000 could be dead and they estimate another 250,000 were injured and 1.5 million lost their homes. relief and rescue efforts continue on a heroic scale but they come too late for many trapped in the ruins now exactly a week ago today. still, there are reasons to keep hoping. some troops from the 82nd airborne are standing guard outside of a hospital in port-au-prince. the crowd grown so large it
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interfered with the work of doctors trying to save lives there. >> they are happy, man. it's a blessing. but we got to get some -- something going to change for us. >> officials say there is a lot of aid on the ground but traffic tie-ups and the fear of attacks on aid convoys is making it difficult to reach all the earthquake victims. people are fighting for their lives, taking whatever they can to get their hands on. we all know at home folks from our area have really big hearts when it comes to help in haiti. the red cross is receiving hundreds of calls daily from people wanting to give and/or willing to work to raise money. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> reporter: the red cross is always first to help folks. millions raised nationally for earthquake relief and folks have done their share and more. the red cross has given out dozens of collection tins and buckets to offices and groups
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who want to raise money for haiti. pictures of the devastation there touched everyone. the rawk -- red cross has been on the scene since the beginning, helping with critical needs. they say the best way to help is with cash donations because they can make a dollar do amazing things. >> our major thing is now our water. where you fit into things to process water for the folks there locally. while people want to give us bottles of water it's better if we can process and desalt the water there at the location so they can use it. primary things are water. we're going to go into more and more sheltering. you'll see longterm sheltering with this. we're doing a lot of medical needs. >> reporter: you're going to give to the red cross now, 410-481-2222. we've got operators standing by. we're live in studio b. we've teamed up with the american red cross to send help to haiti. the number again is 410-481-2222.
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kelly swoope is in the studio b with the telethon and more people to talk to. kelly? >> reporter: that's right. last time i was here, was $10,000. now they are saying it's over $12,000. great. we've still got two hours to go. we'll be here until 8:00 tonight. this project, with all our scripps stations nationwide teeming up with the american red cross to raise funds. let's talk to peter rosenwald, chair with the board. the phones are ringing, it's got to make you feel good because you know the money is going to a good cause. >> it's incredible. when the disaster strikes the people of central maryland always demonstrated their incredible generosity. it's been many different creative ways. what i've seen going on in my place of business, we're putting a match program together. so that every dollar an employee gives is going to be matched by the company that i work. people really feel for the
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people of haiti and are giving with their hearts and their money. >> it's heartbreaking but they've made it so much easier to give now than it used to be. >> there are many different ways to give. with donations of in-kind goods, canned goods, medical supplies, what we really need is dollars. we're trying to put in so many different medical supplies and other goods into haiti right now. this is not a project that is going to be cured within weeks or months. this is going to take years. so the dollars that you give now, or even next week will be used for haiti, for years to come. >> peter, thank you so much for joining us. we're here until 8:00 tonight, the number is 410-481-2222. pick up the phone, give a call and make a difference. back to wyatt in the studio. thank you very much. we want to keep the phones ringing obviously. also, on the weather front we've had some very good news.
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i mean, the temperatures have just been impressive. you probably felt it when you stepped out the door today. up near 60 degrees, not recordbreaking but not that far off some of the old records. some of the highs, 58 at bwi marshall earlier today. washington pushing 60. a lot of the temperatures cooldz off 10 or 12 degrees, now down into the 40s in many spots but you see the visible satellite imagery and right now we just have a few passing fair weather clouds, no big deal, we stay dry tonight, a little bit of a north breeze will cool us off as we go into the low 30s overnight tonight. tomorrow, notice another sunny day but will feel cooler, by about 10, 15 degrees. we'll talk about tomorrow's temperatures and some wet weather, even snowy weather mixing in with the rain coming toward the end of the week. we break it down in a few minutes. we have some breaking news now out of appomattox, virginia. state police are reporting
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multiple fatalities and injuries at the hands of a lone gunman. police officers surrounded the gunman outside of a wooded area. no word on how many dead, again, this is just coming in to our studios. a man was found on the rural stretch of the road. officers got on scene, were fired at. no word on what prompted the shootings. we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you the latest on abc2 news as well as shifting gears -- he's been a faithful visitor for decades, this year a no-show for edgar allan poe. the poe toaster paid a visit every year to the grave in honor of the writer's birthday. he usually leaves roses and a bottle of cognac as fans watch from a nearby window. this year that group was out of luck, he never showed up. now, lots of theories are being tossed around about who the visitor was and why he stopped. some believe he was baltimore poet and prankster david franks
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who died last week. >> obviously, if it was this gentleman he took the secret with him to the grave. we will never know if it was him or someone else. how can you prove it? >> there will be lots of speculation over the weekend as poe's birthday is celebrated with a special party. it's being held at westminster hall just steps away from his grave. what a season it's been. coming up, what ravens head coach john harbaugh is saying about the year ahead and what he hopes to accomplish. and help for haiti tonight. our telethon is in full swing. we've raised more than $12,000. you can still get involved and make a donation, call 410-481-2222. red cross volunteers are standing by. host: could switching to geico really save you
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we really are working for you tonight. abc2, our property company scripps, all the stations nationwide and the american red cross teamed up to really make a difference. the telethon is "help for haiti," the number is 410-481-2222. these people are busy, what we want to see until 8:00 tonight. just pick up the phone and call and you can make a huge difference. we've raised over $12,000 so far. this is all going to support the efforts of the american red cross in terms of helping the people in haiti who so desperately need your help. lori is a board member. why is it critical for people to pick up the phone and give us a call? >> very critical.
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along with our community partners, our corporate partners we're ready to do our part, too. we're trying to raise funds wherever we can. means a lot to the community and employees. >> as a board member you know the money is going to a good cause. >> absolutely. 100% goes straight through, in administration fees until you can guarantee -- you can guarantee and feel good the money will go to the people that need it most in haiti. >> what are we providing? >> food, shelter, medical supplies, you name it, we're there. we've got hundreds of people, thousands of people on the ground and so hopefully we're starting to see the relief get to the folks that really need it. that's what we're most concerned about. >> i've watched the pictures, you have watched them, heartbreaking but this is a way to make a difference. >> absolute low. the good thing about the red cross is we already had folks who were in haiti, that served there before so we had a little bit of an infrastructure. now, with the donations you can feel good about us putting them to good use right away. >> lori robinson, thank you
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very much. the phones are ringing, keep them ringing until 8:00 tonight and even beyond that the red cross will take your money. the number is 410-481-2222. wyatt eberhart is in the studio with the weather. great job, kelly. back here, we're looking at nice temperatures in the storm center. still 49 degrees right now at bwi marshall. that is way above our average high temperature which will be only 41. light northwest wind will begin to cool us off tonight. i want to show you what was a pretty nice-looking day across the inner harbor today. you see a few fair weather clouds at times but absolutely dry weather, beautiful blue skies and sunshine today. that certainly did help to warm us up a bit. temperaturewise across the state, right now, things are still relatively mild, in fact we've still got nearly 50 in baltimore. 52 still in easton. 54 charlottesville.
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ocean city, kind of the one exception, 41 there. for you polar plungers, coming up to the end of the month, checking the bo uoy off sandy point, it will be cold off the chesapeake. just a few fair weather clouds on the satellite, maryland's most powerful doppler radar picks up nothing in maryland. some showers up into new england. our next storm doesn't come in until thursday evening. in fact our next weathermaker will come through almost sutley, it will be a week cool front passing through, it will hold our highs down tomorrow and will be a bit of a northerly breeze but you can see there's no active weather here across the eastern half of the united states. here's our front draped now across central pennsylvania just working into harrisburg and back through into wheeling, west virginia. this cool air will continue to push through overnight tonight. i think you'll notice a change in temperature tomorrow but about the same weather conditions, still blue sky and our mild air all down through the southeast, just very
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impressive stuff. charleston was up to 70 degrees today. you see detroit, columbus 30. that's the colder slice of air that is going to push in and take away our extremely mild weather, still tomorrow, above average, mid-40s. tomorrow, just a few clouds at times as the front comes through. in fact, i think we'll see a lot of sunshine. our next wave of precipitation tries to push in during the day thursday but i don't think we'll see much. maybe just a passing shower or flurry. cold air with the next storm thursday night. i believe it will be a cold rain with wintry precipitationics mixing in thursday night overnight. 33 tonight, partly cloudy. a little cooler tomorrow, 45. tomorrow night, 29 degrees, chance of a shower late in the day thursday but i think most of the active weather holds off until thursday evening and into the morning first half of friday. that could be a wintry mix. we're going to keeping a close eye on that.
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friday morning could be tricky. we'll keep you posted. the weekend looks decent with highs around 41. now to the ravens, coach harbaugh held his weekly conference today in owings mills. he talked about what is ahead for the team and specifically the future of derrick mason and ed reed. >> we got an idea and a direction we want to go for sure. i think we've got to put as many good players around joe flacco as we possibly can. we've told derrick we want him back and we'll do everything we can to keep him on this football team for next year. ed reed is a different situation contractually but ed knows that we want him back and i want him back. he's a huge part of our defense, a very important player not just from a football ability standpoint but from a leadership standpoint on this team. he's a premiere player in the national football league and we want him back. >> harbaugh also discussed the disappointing loss to the colts
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in the second round of the playoffs. he says it was a hard-fought battle and he's excited about what the team accomplished. a baltimore ravens star tackling a new venture. the rookie will star in ads for airtran airways and joins other high profile teammates including todd heap. >> i'm excited to be a part of airtran and get a chance to work with them. >> we like to partner with the best of the best. michael embodies that both on the field and off. >> at today's event orr signed airtransspecially designed ravens one aircraft and signed it inside and out. we'll be right back. thanks for coming back out. sure.
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i'm christian schaffer live on the scene of the watermain break along 695 in arbutus. you'll see the work is still going on. what they are doing at this hour, trying to assess whether there's any void or dead spaces under 695. they have a special van that passes over it and puts sensors on the highway. if they do find some void they will have to dig there and fix those.
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that could take a long time, possibly into tomorrow. if however, they find out that the highway underneath the roadway is solid then the fix could come as early as this evening. we'll keep an eye on it and check back live on-line and at 11:00. live in arbutus, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> thank you. and abc2 and all our scripps stations nationwide are holding a telethon nor earthquake relief. we need your donations. a team of red cross volunteers waiting by the phones to take your calls. the number is 410-481-2222. the phone lines will be open until 8:00 tonight and be sure to join us for a one-hour special called "help for haiti," airs at 7:00 after "world news." tonight at 11:00, the entertainer who is by many counts of face of haiti in america at the center of a fundraising controversy. why some are claiming wyclef jean's charity isn't exactly on the up and up. that and more at 11:00. that's it for now. we'll be back at 7:00 with our
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special on haiti relief.
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